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How many tasks do you juggle a day? You know the daily juggle of work, housework, maintaining relationships….maybe throw in some children to raise and BOOM your day is jam packed. You get to the end of the day and all you really want to do is binge out by watching Married At First Sight. You comfortably settle down on the lounge and then remember...you haven’t actually exercised today. Yeah you ran around like your undies were on fire doing all.of.the.things but you haven’t actually exercised. Cue #guilt. I’m a fitness coach but I absolutely understand how easy it is to forget exercise during your busy day.

Today I come bearing good news.

Exercise doesn’t need to be a 60 minute session slogging it out in the gym. A workout doesn’t necessarily need to last that long, in fact research has shown that a 20 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout is a really effective cardio and strength training workout and continues to burn fat for hours after the workout. Having said that, sometimes a 20 minute workout in your day isn’t even a possibility. On those days you need to keep in mind that a 5 minute or 10 minute workout is still more than no workout at all. If you happen to find 6 x 5 minute slots in your day where you can go hard and raise your heartbeat, you are well on your way to ticking exercise off your daily task list!

What does this have to do with housework?

 Multi-tasking baby! You are a busy lady so no doubt you already understand the concept of multi-tasking and practice it daily. Combining exercise into your housework is possible and think of the minutes you can save each day! #winning


I recently challenged myself to add exercise into my daily housework and you would be surprised at how often I found myself getting some movement on!

 Here are a few of the things I found myself doing:

  • Shaking my booty Beyonce’ style as I cleaned the bathroom mirrors

  • Getting low low low low while I did a squat for every piece of laundry I folded (damn I wish I hadn’t grown a mountain of laundry on my dining table!)
  • High knee jogging as I delivered each pile of folded laundry to the bedrooms
  • Playing an amusing game of jump over the mop bucket everytime I needed to rinse the mop
  • Walking along like a duck as I swept the skirting boards
  • Getting my inner ballerina on as I did “arabesques” (kicking my leg backwards) while I washed the dishes

  • Building a butt of steel as I did step ups on a chair for each individual grocery item I put away in my pantry
  • Making models jealous everywhere as I toned  my calves doing calf raises while dusting those high spots
  • Dropping it like its hot, snoop dog style as I did multiple squats to pick up the childrens toys and delicately place them (aka throw them) back into their toy boxes
  • Finally, I challenged myself to see how long I could hold a plank position while the kettle boiled. I got to 1 minute and 5 seconds!


My main point here is that you can absolutely take advantage of any situation to create more movement into your day. Structured exercise is great and has many benefits, but when there is no more time in your day, any opportunity to increase movement is great!

Nikki Knieriem

You can find Nikki on Instagram at Mum Me Fit Time

Nikki Knieriem is a mother of 2 young boys and the owner of Mum-Me Fit Time, an online fitness and health coaching business. When not running around after her children. she loves to go out for breakfast, catch up with friends and of course, squeeze in a workout!

Guess who got Ange moving whilst boiling the kettle!  I haven't done a plank since Nikki's boot camp pre kids!! It killed me... I better drop down and do this more frequently! I think I only lasted about 30 sec! x 2 or maybe it was 3 times...


Until Next Time

Big Love 

Ange x


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