Did you know that you spend one third of your life sleeping?

Did you know that your mattress, linen, and pillows collect dust mites and their faeces, dead skin, sweat; and god knows what else that comes off our bodies?

And did you know this all affects air quality in the bedroom?

Did you also know that all of the above affects the quality of your sleep? And even affect your libido! Now that's no fun for anyone!

So what can you do about it?

Here are some of my top tips, and how you can schedule them into your busy lifestyle!

First up- How to protect your mattress?

A great mattress protector will not only help protect your mattress from stains and yellowing, but also the nasties penetrating the mattress, and bacteria accumulating in the mattress. This will prolong the life of your mattress, and reduce the amount of physical cleaning required for the actual mattress- to keep it in good order. I wash my mattress protectors once a month.

Protect-A-Bed® ’s range of Mattress and Pillow Protectors includes a waterproof Miracle Layer™. You won’t even know you have waterproofing on your bed. Soft, comfortable, and breathable, it let’s air vapour but not spills and stains through. Working in a similar way to our skin, but 10 to 15 times faster. 

You can read more HERE for selecting the best mattress protector for you and your family.

How to clean your mattress?

I like to clean our mattress every 4 to 6 weeks. Sprinkle your mattress with 1/4 cup Bicarb, 2 drops tea tree oil, 1 drop lemon essential oil, and 2 drops of either eucalyptus or lavender oil (mixed together in a shaker), and sprinkle on and leave for at least 3 hours; then thoroughly vacuum off. The bicarb soda will lift any moisture from the mattress

You can remove stains by simply mixing some lemon essential oil or juice and salt, rub on and let sit for an hour, and then wipe off with a slightly wet towel. 

Alternatively hire someone in to clean all mattresses and rugs/carpets seasonally! 

How often should you wash your linen?

Ok, firstly I am just going to let you think about what is possibly lingering on your linen on the daily... now think about the fact that the longer it sits there, the more the nasty bacteria will accumulate and cause issues, and those feisty little dust mites will thrive in their new playground. 

I personally change mine weekly on Fridays. Some Fresh Sheet Friday never goes astray! From the survey I ran in my instagram stories, the majority of my audience changes it weekly so 67% weekly and 18% fortnightly and 15% were once a month or longer, not enough or when can be bothered ... From other polls I have read,  approx. every 25 days is the average. 

So my recommendation is at least every 7 to 10 days! Don't forget this is the first layer that is affected and dirtied so needs the most attention!

How often should you change or clean your pillows?

You can definitely prolong the life of your pillows using pillow protectors and regularly cleaning them. A cheaper or polyester pillow will last approximately 6 months and most of these can be washed. When washing make sure you pop through on an extra rinse cycle and let dry in the sun. Pop in a couple drops of tea tree oil to kill off those extra germs! Memory foam cant be washed. And more expensive pillows you can get up to 18 months to 2 years out of. 

Also, in between washes, pop your pillows out in the sun and heat to get rid of those nasties! And don't forget to use a good pillow protector as this will help with how often you need to clean your pillows too!

Alternatives are pillows like the perfect pillow which has a wipe clean surface, and also stop spills, stains, perspiration and skin flakes from penetrating the pillow ensuring a healthier night's sleep.

Where you can donate pillows and old linen? 

Animal hospital, vet or shelter, just make sure you call ahead!

Where can you dispose of a mattress? 

It is a good idea to change mattress every 10 years but what do you do with it after that? Well there are a few options and if it is still in good condition, various shelters or charities may take them, and some may even collect. Alternatives are someone like Soft Landing which will recover components to recycle. 

To finish off, my favourite mum hack for the kiddies room...

Double or triple sheet! This means mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector sheet, then all you need to do is a whip a layer off in the middle of the night if there has been some sort of sickness or accident and pop it straight into the wash without having to change all of the sheets!

And how do I incorporate this into my already busy life? 

Pick one day a week that you know will work for you to change the linen. Create a routine and in turn will turn into habit! Pick either the start or end of the month to clean your mattress,  pop your pillows out in the sun. Once again good routine will turn into habit! 

I hope this has motivated you to make some changes in your bedroom! You never know what may happen! 

This has been a collaboration blog with Protectabed. All photography and content creation related to this blog are my own, and I only endorse products and brands that I love to work with. I will always put the products to test and review before sharing with you, my results, favourite features and key benefits as well as cons. 

Until next time

Big Love Ange x

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