Decorating can get quite costly, so a great way to save some $$$ is re-invent items you have or grab some op shop bargains to makeover.

I wasn't really sold with our bedside tables that we were buying when we purchased them, but we really needed some extra storage where we were living, so we bought them anyways. Now that we were cleansing our life and removing anything from our home which we don't LOVE, we have looked at ways we could reinvent item's so we love it! So here is our new bedside table, and can be easily accomplished.


  1. I removed the old doors, removed the hinges and handles and traced the outline on a new piece of premium plywood. I then cut out this shape with a jigsaw cutter. 
  2. I then measured where the recessed drill holes needed to be from the old door and also measured the size of the door hinge to match my drill part to create the perfect hole.
  3. I used a drop drill to create these holes. (My drill ends are all cut down so they do not create a hole through the other side of the wood) The holes could also be chiseled out if you do not have a drop drill.
  4. I also accurately measured the handle location and drilled spots for these. 
  5. To finish off the shelf I used my Ryobi Hand Sander. It is a great little tool for small projects. I started smoothed all over with the 180 grit. If you don't own or have access to a sander, there are a heap of hand sander tools you can get your hands on, otherwise the old fashioned way of sand paper wrapped on a wooden block and some elbow grease will do the job! Otherwise check out the hand sander options here 
  6. The last step is to reattach the doors. If you choose to varnish, do this prior to attaching the doors.

Materials summary:

Plywood $28

- Sandpaper (Starts at as little as $1)

- I used all existing hinges, screws and handles 

Optional/home supplies:

- Varnish or coconut oil 

- Drill or Phillip's head screw driver

- Jigsaw or circular saw

- Electric Hand Sander

Carpenters square

Some alternative options are:

- Spray painting to a new colour

- Trying an effects paint such as Dulux Stone Effects

Vinyl adhesive from Kmart in various designs 

I hope you have enjoyed another EVER SO HOMELY DIY project, I can't wait to share many more with you! Please reach out if you need help or want to chat about a project! Would love to hear from you.

Big love

Ange x


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