DIY NEWBIE? DIY EXPERT? PLANT LOVER? Well this project is for you! No matter your DIY skill level this simple project using Selleys Fix&Go Araldite 5 minute epoxy will help make this plant a statement piece in your home! With minimal materials you can create your own planter to suit your home and style it with ease! It will make any space come to life!

Materials required:
- Pine timber 1.2cm x 1.2cm x 2.4 m
- Secateurs or side cutters
- Pencil
- 4 x Clamps
- Sandpaper
- Tape Measure
- Nail Polish remover & Cotton Tips
- Selleys Fix & Go Araldite
- Mitre or Hand saw

1. Measure the inside of your pot (where the lip is) so you can work out the lengths of the timber required for the square top and bottom frame

2. Measure the length of the pot and add on 5cm to get the measurement for the height of sides of the planter

3. Cut the wood to size using either a mitre or hand saw (you will need 4 x pieces of each length required)

4. Sand your timber till smooth

5. Create 2 squares and ensure your pot will fit through and the lip will sit on the edge

6. Remove the reusable cap from the Selleys Fix & Go Araldite 5 minute and clip off the tip of the syringe using Secateurs or side cutters.

7. Squeeze equal portions of the adhesive and mix it thoroughly. Start assembling your planter squares (the top and bottom frame) Ensure you only use small amounts of the adhesive at a time as it will set within 5 min. Also ensure adhesive is placed on both parts of the join

8. You can clean up any leakage using some Nail polish remover and a cotton tip

9. Once set, start attaching the sides of the planter. Ensure adhesive is added to both parts of the join.

10. Clean the end of the syringe and pop on the reusable cap for future use

11. After approx. 30 min clamp all four corners

12. Let set for 16 hours for maximum bond strength

13. Pop in your pot and plant and style on your favourite shelf!

This project was created in #partnership with Selleys

#Ad #Howto #Selleys #Fix&Go #Araldite

I can't wait for you to tackle this project!

Until next time

Big Love

Ange x

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