How decluttering allowed me to breathe and decorate our home.

Part 2

Have you ever felt like every day was the same old? Day in day out, never being able to get on top of anything? A little like #groundhogday?

If so, read on...hopefully I can help to inspire you to make a small change in your life that will make a huge difference! Inspire you to make a start on making that room or space in your home a space where you can relax and breathe.

So...De-cluttering... who would have thought this word could be so powerful! To declutter,  is a process of removing unnecessary items from a space to make it more pleasant to be in. I wouldn't say I have been an unclean or messy person as such, but I definitely I became a person that had accumulated way too many things... things that just did not have a home. I can't say I have finished this journey, but I do feel it will always be an ongoing ritual within my household. It is something I have found needs discipline, and daily practice to stay on top of. But once you delve in and do the hard yards, the rest is so much easier! I assure you that!

If you have never given it a go, it is definitely something I would recommended, especially if your home doesn't fit the vision you have for your life. Breaking it up into simple daily tasks can help achieve your end goal with ease. During the month of October, I created a De-clutter Bingo challenge and the goal was to rid your household of 100 items within 14 days! It was just fabulous! I undertook the challenge with everyone, I was held accountable, and they were able to watch snippets of it through daily email and my Instagram stories! Participants were also held accountable and were able to inspire each other throughout their own journey. Excitedly, I removed 142 items from our life! I really couldn't believe the amount of 'UNNECESSARY' items that we had been holding onto, weighing us down.

During the challenge, I only touched on the kitchen, but in the New Year, once we get to kitchen/dining month, I will be doing a huge pantry overhaul and I will be helping reorganise that pantry that us mum's tend to spend so much time in...or hide in at times! LOL!

Removing the clutter from our home over the last 6 months has lifted the immense feeling of 'overwhelm' that was weighing me down. My guess is that some people find this to be an easy process, others find it incredibly difficult, some practice it frequently and or have never had to even think twice about the decluttering process, and then there are the majority whom it doesn't bother one bit. Either way whichever place you are in right now, the only thing that matters is that you are content with the way your home life is.

Now that I have had a new outlook on life, I have a clearer vision of the home I would like and how I would like it to feel. It is like a blank canvas I am ready to paint! By ultimately earning some extra $$$ for the items I no longer need, I'm able to grab some awesome items in return and have now started to surround ourselves with select pieces that we love. And I have to say it feels so, so good! Can you see me smiling?! (insert big smiley mouth emoji here...) This is also why I have started stocking some of my fave decor items to help you. I have done the research for you, you can now see it in action, and in the many different environments and colour schemes. AND if you follow my Instagram stories I always shout out some awesome specials I come across as well as my fave product finds! Not only for small business products, but also your larger chain stores.

You can't decorate unless you have a blank canvas... otherwise where would you put anything? It would then just become a viscous cycle where you accumulate more!

My aim is to help you to see the light, to inspire and help create and find a style that suits you, your family, and your home. My aim is to help you breathe when you walk through those doors to your sanctuary... So if clutter has been that monkey on your back, get rid of that goddamn monkey! It seems like I am not the only overwhelmed Mumma who craves a bit of peace at home. #mumlife can get extremely hectic and exhausting at times (most of the time let's face it), so if I am able to help you to improve one little aspect to make those long days easier I am one happy Mumma Bear.

Big Love

Ange x


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