If there is one thing you need to get organised, if you have kids, it is the art & craft area! 

You definitely don't want things just laying around, as this is where those little accidents can easily happen... such as cut hair, unwanted drawings on walls, benches, and couches right?

This organisation station will help you to implement and maintain a controlled zone where you can maintain the activity and monitor the use of the like of paints, scissors, stamps, pencils/crayons and textas for example, and the lower more accessible areas will allow for the children to have their own creative freedom- which I love!

To add to this, this organisation station also has an art hanger to display and dry artworks instead of them spread all throughout the home!

In this blog you'll find everything I used, the supplies you need, and the how to!

I can't wait to share this with you! 


- The wooden shelving is the MALERAS from IKEA. I used two of these

- The plants and storage are the SUNNERSTA from IKEA. I used 9 of these

- The gold clips for the art hanger are ANILINARE from IKEA. I used 1 pack of 10

- I used TJENA desk organiser (1x ) to store paper, stickers, colouring in books etc.. I also used the smaller containers from this set for stamps, erasers and some pencil/crayon storage

- The DIY chalk labels are from KMART. I chose these as the items in this area can often change, and this is an easy quick and affordable way to change it up frequently

Document wallets are from KMART, used to store paper, colouring in books, stickers etc...

- Playdough is homemade- I'll share the recipe below... and the glass jars are from KMART

- Timber for the 2 x art hangers and the bracket for the plants are made from PINE. You can find it at BUNNINGS. Details on how to make below. You will need the 2.4m length 

- You will also require some wall mates if you are not attaching to a stud in the wall

- You will need 8 tiny screws to pop in the clips for the art hanger

- You will need 10 long timber screws to attach to the wall

- Screw caps if you wish. I used these from BUNNINGS. 

- A clear water-based varnish. I used British Paints

- You will also need a saw of some sort to saw the wood. I used my Ryobi Mitre Saw, a tape measure, a mitre square, a stud finder and a drill for installation! 


Step 1

Measure your pine to 75cm to match the length of the Maleras shelving from IKEA. And cut to length

Step 2

Sand your pine until smooth

Step 3 

Varnish with a clear waterproof varnish, and allow to dry

Step 4

Assemble the Maleras shelves

Step 5

Put together the art hanger. Measure equal distances so the clips are even and centred. I did these at 15cm apart and in the middle of the wood

Step 6

Installation time! Start with the bottom Maleras shelf. Check for studs and pre-drill. If there is no stud install a wall mate then screw the Maleras into place. Use a level and make sure it is level prior to popping in the second screw

Step 7

Install the art hanger 55cm above the shelf. Same process as above, check for studs, pre-drill, insert in wall mate, and screw into place making sure it is level. I used mitre squares to get the shelves all even and square. They were held into place with Blu Tack as I didn't have a second set of hands!

Step 8 

Install 2nd art hanger as above at 34cm above the previous art hanger. These measurements can be as you like just keep in mind you don't want the whole station too high, and out of reach

Step 9

Install the second shelf at 16cm above the art hanger, and repeat as above

Step 10

Install the plant hanger. Pop your SUNNERSTA buckets on first. I used longer screws for this shelf. Repeat as above

Step 10

Time to style it up! Add your items, your plants and labels- and it is ready to use! 



If you remake this #eversohomely DIY project I'd love for you to tag me, and I would also love to share with my audience over on my Instagram @eversohomely! 

 If you would love to watch the video of this project head on over to my IGTV @eversohomely


Until next time, 

Big Love Ange x



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