Welcome to our third room makeover- A declutter and organisation of our master bedroom. If you have just joined us or only just discovering us, we are on a journey to simplify home life in the name of making mum life easier. We are  sharing all of our tips along the way, and here to motivate you to also make home life and mum life that much easier!

So let's get into BEDROOM BLISS!

I have to say this room makes me smile! Actually that would have to be an understatement! It makes me grin ear to ear and want to swing from the ceiling fan! In all seriousness I am definitely stoked with how it has turned out. The look is dramatic, on trend, glamorous but moody, and just that little bit sexy!  All the bedroom feels... and suits my personality to a tee!

So, where and how did I start? Firstly I had a vision to create two looks within the one space instead of going to the huge expense of another makeover in the not so distant future. I started with creating a mood board to stitch all my ideas together and to see if they all worked with one other. You can create a mood board by the good old cut and paste method from magazines or with an app, either way it will help you to create a vision of what you want and you can see whether it works together. Here is mine created using CANVA.

If you wish to create two looks in any one room, the following are things to consider and plan for: 

1. Do you have room to move your furniture/bed around to another wall? This will give you an initial gauge as to whether two completely different looks are achievable and if they will work well together.

2. A feature wall of wall paper or a lick of paint will be the main, most dramatic way to achieve the 2nd look

3. Add the paint colour or wall paper to your mood board to ensure it all works together. 

4. Alternatively you can easily style and decorate the room in two different ways to create a new look. You can change the colour of shelf brackets or frames and prints, update cushions and throw, add removable wall decals. A new rug or even sheer curtains.

I slowly started working on our room in parallel with working on the children's rooms. I kept the big ticket item of the bed and mattress, and then collected everything else along the way as I came across them.

The biggest job was painting! I had to either paint or give some wall paper a go as I had a horrid brown wall to cover up! If you are possibly planning on doing some painting, but are not too sure of colour, you can always give the Dulux colour app a go.  Once you do this but are still not 100% on colour, test a couple of samples on the wall. This way you can see what it is like with the light in your room. Samples can cost approx $5 to $10. And just note you cannot remove this test patch off the wall!

The master bedroom before I started on this crazy adventure, was pretty dull and boring. Check the pic out below... 

If you are planning on decorating and organising your home, plan a few rooms ahead in case you are able swap things around or use it in another space to save some costs. Keep any baskets or containers you can re-use for storage and organisation. I have relocated this chair into the study, and moved a leather butterfly chair in from the lounge room. I always ensure I buy cushions and prints that can be used in other areas of the home so I can swap and change and not collect more, as one of the ultimate reasons I am doing this is to improve the way we also live by getting organised and live clutter-free; that way all areas of the home are comfortable and easy to maintain. The main concerns I had in our master bedroom was that our wardrobe required a HUGE declutter and re-organisation. Read more of that here... and we desperately needed a decent mirror! Glad to say that I have ticked the boxes off for both of these!

The pictures above are some of the progress pics and the first items I installed. We didn't want much in the room, just what was important to us and what made us happy. As well as ensuring that the room was organised and easy to be in. A little place that we could retreat too. 

The biggest job I had was to paint the wall. I fell in love with the paint colour from Dulux- Baltica. It was the exact the colour I had in mind. And Oh My Goodness, It was even better in real life and completed our room just perfectly. It adds so much character! To be honest, I LOVE black, and is safe to say it is probably my fave colour. One of the most important things I should share with you is that a dark colour is very difficult to paint with. Therefore if you aren't confident, call in the experts, otherwise take your time,  and use a good quality lambs wool, short hair, gloss roller. You could also give the paint company a call, they provide some fabulous advice. Also ensure you take care when taping in all edges, especially when using such a dark colour- as you don't want bleeding. I use Edge lock, my go to product when it comes to painting. 

So this is the first look:

I installed a wooden shelf myself, cut to a custom length, using a pine timber from Bunnings and leather straps from Interior motives. I wanted this space to hold all things special. My maternity photos, lovers sayings, special prints and fave photos.  

The second look is this, the bedroom flip I called it!


Do you have a preference for look 1 or look 2? I think I am sold with the black wall and will be leaving it like this for some time yet.


For more photos of the bedroom makeover, head on over to my Instagram page @decorme_au

What else is in the room? 

A range of the home decor items seen in the room are available at

Cushions are as follows:

Grey - KMART

Blush Pink & black & white Spotted IKEA 

Black & Grey with poms TARGET

Oslo blush cushion COTTON & THREAD


Charcoal Linen Blankets Feather & Oak

Mustard with white tassels Freddie & Ava


Paint Dulux

Curtains/Rods & Finials: 

Curtains Freedom

Black brackets and finials from IKEA


Bed side table is IKEA and was upgraded with a DIY hack. Read about it here

Other Furniture:

Dresser and bench MOCKA

Bed Early Settler 


Lights IKEA 

Industrial swing arm BEACON lighting


Circle Mirror - KMART

Floor full length mirror with black frame - IKEA

Prints & Frames:

Frames a combination of IKEA, KMART & Officeworks



SOILAMORE  - Concrete Geo Vessel

CHICKKNITS - Crochet black basket


CHIC LITTLE ABODE - Pallet coasters

INTERIOR MOTIVES - Felt Pin Board & Scandi Basket


Adairs - black & white

SHOP MORE THAN EVER - Let's go to bed, polkadot

Shelf & Straps:

INTERIOR MOTIVES - Leather Straps 

Wooden shelf - Cut to size by Decor Me

Relocated from other rooms:

Rug relocated from front living area

Lamp Kmart existing relocated from living room

Black leather butterfly chair - ALDI

On the wish list:

Black Ceiling Fan - Beacon Lighting

I hope you have enjoyed reading about yet another room by DECOR ME! We are moving into Kitchen, Dining, Pantry and organisation of, as well as sharing some of my absolute favourite recipes with you! 

Until next room, 






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