How much LINEN do you really need? And where do YOU start? These are probably the most common two questions I receive. So let me help you get your Linen cupboard organised, without the overwhelm.

Every household is different, and every requirement or need is different; but the best way to identify it without overwhelm is to break it down like so... 

Step 1: Decide

- Break up your requirements into family members. For example- we have 3 kids, so we have 3 kids' beds, 2 Adults in a king bed, and 1 spare bed for guests. I have relocated the guest linen into the spare bedroom wardrobe, as this is logical sense for ourselves and guests.

- Identify what you could/want to live with, and declutter the rest. If you are worried you might not have enough linen to go around, bag what you choose to declutter and pop it in the garage for a couple of weeks and see how you go (if no withdrawals, you know you've made the right call). You might just surprise yourself!

Step 2: Allocate

- I have allocated, for each child, 3 towels in total, so 2 spare towels, and 1 towel in play.

- Each child has 3 sheets and 3 doona covers and 4 pillow cases allocated. 2 in play sheets, and 1 spare (I double sheet the girls, so 1 mattress protector, 1 sheet, 1 mattress protector, 1 sheet in case of accidents so I only need to strip a layer off if need be in the middle of the night).

- For our bedroom, I have allocated two full sets of sheets and 3 doona covers, plus a mixed amount of pillow cases as I like to mix and match. 

- For our bathroom I've allocated 4 sets of towels

- I have 6 hand towels, 6 bath mats, and approx. 30 face washers (majority live in the girls bathroom vanity for bath time)

- And 2 tablecloths and 10 cloth napkins

This covers our family's needs, and has been more than enough. It is best to minimise the amount of linen you have in order to keep the linen area under control and organised.

This is the BEFORE pic of the linen cupboard...

 Prior to this pic, I had already relocated the beach towels into the Laundry cupboard, as it was logical to keep it all beach/pool linen with swimwear, beach bags, sunscreen etc

Step 3: Relocation

Does everything in your linen cupboard really need to be there? Could there be a better place for it? We moved the ducted vacuum onto a hook in the garage. Which is literally only 3 steps from the linen cupboard. Any left over recipe books from the top shelf of the linen cupboard were extracted, and are currently in a box in the spare bedroom waiting to be dealt with (in a storage spot created for in the spare bedroom). And the beach towels I moved to the laundry as I have so much spare room in there. 

Step 4: How to decide what to get rid of

- Dispose of any old stained, tatty, or ripped items, and duplicates or excess from your allocated numbers that you have already decided upon

- Anything that you really don't like, or that is outdated, or that you haven't used in a while

- If you no longer have a bed that requires the size sheets you're hoarding (you don't need them)! 

Step 5: Where you can donate

- Animal Shelters (this includes all your old pillows and blankets)

- Charities (if they accept, and just remember only donate what you would use yourself, or give to a friend), otherwise cut up for rags and use around the house or donate as bag of rags labelled. 

Step 6: How are you going to store and fold 

- I looked into a lot of options including popping linen inside pillow cases. I was in two minds with this one. I was also up in the air as to whether to use baskets or not? And if I should use a visible or non-visible option. I decided on visible, with  contents needing to be neat and pleasing to the eye. I'd also previously used the Flexi Storage range from Bunnings in our bedroom wardrobe which I loved. So I tested out a few different types of linen in them as well as trialling a Kmart woven basket. In the end the best fit was Flexi Storage. The visibility also makes it easier to find what I need, when I need; and the baskets are also very light weight. 

- I needed 8 wire Flexi Storage baskets @ $7.13 a basket. A total cost of $57.04, and a bit of time and energy to convert the linen cupboard from a chaotic mess to an organised zen!

- This is a decision that you will need to make for yourself based on what you have, and best suits your space.

- Check out how I fold all the linen by viewing my IGTV video HERE

- I am pretty sure the Konmari method would also give you some cool ideas as to ways in which to fold! I am still yet to catch the Netflix episodes. I must get a Netflix account! 

- Another decision you need to make, is if you want to label. Mine is very straight forward so I don't need to label, and to be honest I am the only one that really uses the linen cupboard ;-) If I were to label I would definitely use a cute little peg and string to add a label.

- I recommend to store in like clusters, and my categories are, from top left of the below picture working my way down:

1. Spare cushions

2. Bath mats

3. Main bedroom linen

4. Pillow cases and spare cushion covers

5. Kids' towels

6. Our towels

7. Bub's linen

8. Twins' linen

9. Table linen

10. Toilet paper

In between each of the baskets, I have European pillow cases, hand towels, face washers, and I've even made some room for decorative items! 


It's now your turn to get to it!

My top tips:

1. Follow the steps above

2. Complete a shelf at a time, and set a timer for about 10 min for each shelf so you don't procrastinate and keeps you on task

3. Don't keep items for the just in case moments' 

4. And remember to KEEP IT ORGANISED. Once you declutter and organise an area, create good habits and put everything back where it belongs. Stay disciplined! This will help you create that home that is EVER SO HOMELY...

My last TIP: Make your linen smell delicious- if you have any unused or half used candles in the home, pop them in the cupboard and open to spread the smell throughout! 

Until next time, 

Big Love

Ange x

If you would love to transform your wardrobe... check out my blog HERE



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