Today I am welcoming a local Sydney couple who I stumbled across one weekend, and is now my go to place to grab some succulents for our home! They share some of their top tips and how to have the best success with succulents! 


Tell us a little about yourself?

We are a young couple, Antonio and Laura from Glenhaven who, share the same interests in cacti and succulents. Over the past couple of years, we have travelled near and far collecting as many succulents as we could. We loved going around to different nurseries hunting down every succulent and cacti we could find. Antonio had been collecting before we met, and boy, did he change my whole outlook on gardening. I knew nothing about gardening before meeting Antonio. My mother has a black thumb so I was quite surprised to see that I could actually keep a plant alive.

One Saturday, about 2 years ago, we decided that we would trying selling some of our succulents out the front of our house on Glenhaven Rd. Since that time we have slowly expanded our collection, so that the public has the opportunity to get a better variety than they would find at other various nurseries. We want to spread our love for succulents with as many people as we can. We love meeting other Succers out there or even people that don’t know they love them until they see the vast selection that we have. There is a succulent and/or cacti out there for everyone!

How did you get into the world of succulents?

Antonio has always been a plant lover, as he has grown up and lived on a 5-acre flower farm his whole life. He started off about 7 years ago getting into bonsai trees, and then about a year later he brought his first succulent and that is where the love for succulents and cacti started. When we met back in 2016, we spent almost every weekend venturing out to as many different nurseries and gardens not always to buy but just to have look at what beautiful and amazing plants are out there particularly succulents and cacti. Antonio definitely got me hooked on succulents.

Do you have a fave succulent?

Antonio: I don’t have a favourite succulent but Haworthia’s are my favourite family,

Laura: It is hard to pick just one but I am like Antonio I do love Haworthia’s and also Crassula’s would have to be my two favourite succulent families.


Thoughts on best place for succulents? Indoor v outdoor

This is a very good question and one we get asked a lot.  There are certain succulents that do prefer low light (indoors) and others are more sun loving (outdoors). Its is very easy to just go down to a nursery and grab a succulent and think it is suitable indoors or outdoors as they just have all their succulents together. If a succulent isn’t getting enough light for example and it’s a sun loving succulent, you will notice the leaves will start to stretch out and go leggy. This means the plant is searching for light so move the plant where it will get more sun.

If you place a low light succulent out in a lot of sun, it will burn and lose it’s colour.

How do you know what succulents go where you’re probably asking. Well we are here to help you out as much as we can. Here is a list of the succulent families that love the sun and those that prefer less light.

Sun loving: Echeveria, Crassula, Pachyveria ,Pachyphtum, Kalanchoe Graptovia, Agave, Mangave, Sempervivums and Sedum




Low light: Haworthia, Gasteria and Sansevierias   


How often should they be watered? Is it the same for all?

Watering depends on a few factors: if they are indoors or outdoors, how quickly the pot drains out the water and the size of the pot. If its summer and its been hot and windy like the most recent summer we’ve had and you have your succulents outdoors, you would be watering 2-3 times a week in 100mm pots. If you have the plant indoors, it will probably hold the water for a bit longer as it’s not outside in the elements, but if you do have it inside we recommend having it  near a window or a door so it gets some fresh air. Watering maybe once a week, but always check the soil by digging the soil up slightly and seeing if its damp or not, if its dry then water it.

Best way to propagate?

There are a few different methods to propagate, we use the leaves from the flower stem and then leave it on soil until it gets roots.


Do Succulents require repotting? How to pot a succulent?

All plants require repotting at some stage in their life, if it’s healthy it will grow. When repotting succulents most important thing is to remember good soil means a happy and healthy succulent, so making sure the soil is nicely air rated is very important. If there isn’t enough oxygen in the soil, anaerobic bacteria will build up causing the plant to rot.  When you want to up pot just make sure you don’t put the succulent in too big a pot, as it will rot the plant.


What to do when your succulent gets to tall?

If your succulent is looking stretched out and tall. This probably means that it isn’t getting enough light, try moving it into a place that gets a bit more light.

Best soil?

Soil is very important and will affect how a succulent grows, the best soil will have the right amount of drainage but also not let the pot dry out too quickly. you can go to Bunnings and they have succulent and cacti soil already mixed. Add some rocks or perlite for extra drainage and  a bit of peat moss which will help hold some water so the plant doesn’t dry out too quickly.


Any tips on how to identify your succulents?

The best way to identify the different families of succulents would be, the shape of them will tell you what type of succulent it is.


How to get the most of your succulents? And any Top tips for successfully growing succulents?

Succulents are mistaken for being easy to look after and hardy, which is true but they are also plants which means they still need you to know what you’re doing with them so they don’t die. The two most common things that will kill a plant is over watering or under watering and too little or too much light.


Where can we find you? 

You can find us at 131 Glenhaven Rd Glenhaven every Saturday and Sunday unless bad weather E.g. raining or extreme heat we will let you know through Facebook.  Like our Facebook and Instagram page for more information and any questions you many have about your succulents or cacti, we are always here to help our fellow succers out!

Facebook: www.facebook/succersforsucculents

Instagram: @succers_for_succulents


Hope you guys have loved this blog and found it super helpful and are a little more confident to bring some succulents in your home!

Big Love & until next time

Ange x


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