Yay! Finally I am bringing you my latest HOW TO blog. I created this curtain rail to go with my new office/studio that I recently created and is a match made in heaven for this room! This time I didn't want to go the same old rail I always use, so thought why not make my own and exactly how I want it!

There are not too many steps at all for this project and you don't even need any power tools to make the DIY rail! I will also show you how I install a curtain bracket, what I like to use in our home and where I got the beautiful linen curtains from, it really is so easy!

Before you get started, measure the width of your window. Add extra length on each side of the frame, so you are covering the whole window frame and that you can attach the bracket outside the window frame with some nice overhang. At the same time measure the height for your required curtains. I like to have them above the window frame and for them to just touch and drape on the floor for a nice soft drapy finish.

I sourced my materials from Bunnings for the curtain rail and I grabbed the bracket and sheer curtains from Ikea.

Here are all the details of what you will need to get this project started!

Materials you will need:

- Tassie oak dowel for the rail. 

- Door knob x 2 

- Paint of choice if you wish

- Screw to fit the in-built thread of the door handle x 2

- Selleys Araldite adhesive

- Sandpaper

- Hand or Mitre Saw to cut dowel to size if needed

- Drill to install brackets

- Pencil

- Tape measure

- Curtain of choice. I went with the Dytag from Ikea. A beautiful off white linen

- Curtain bracket. I went with the Betydlig from Ikea


How to:

Step 1:

Cut dowel to size if needed with a hand or mitre saw, then sand dowel until smooth and so your curtain won't catch and tear

Step 2:

Add adhesive to one side of the dowel and pop the screw on. You may need to hold for a couple of minutes until adhesive has set. Allow to dry. Repeat on the other side. (Alternately you can glue the screw onto the handle and drill into the dowel)

Step 3:

Paint Door knobs if you wish and allow to dry

Step 4:

Mark where you would like the bracket to go then screw one spot into place. (Pop a level along the side to ensure it is a straight fit, then drill the second screw into place. These brackets are great as you can decide how far out you would like the rail to sit. Winner for me! Make sure they are installed the same height and width on each side!


Step 5:

Once door knob and adhesive is set, slide on the curtain of choice and screw the door knob ends on to ensure your curtain will not slide off.


Step 6

Add rail and curtain onto your installed bracket. Your new curtain is up and ready to enjoy!



I hope you have loved my latest HOW TO DIY project and can't wait for you to try it as well!

Don't forget to tag @eversohomely if you give it a go!

Big Love until next time

Ange x







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