Injecting personality into your home


Bare walls are boring! Artwork can really help to create a home’s soul and character, and is the perfect way to inject personality into your home- and to create a space that speaks you and your style. Artwork is the perfect finishing touch that helps tie spaces and areas together. Choose artwork that inspires you everyday, and helps you live the life that you want.

How to choose an artwork:

What sort of mood would you like to create for areas and spaces within your home? How would you like it to feel? This is a great way to start and will help you choose between calm tones and colours to the uplifting bright and cheery! It is important to choose artwork that you connect with, and is a fit with the style of your home. The style of your home will also dictate the colour palette you will be sticking too as well.

Each of your children will have their ‘fave’s’, incl. favourite colours and their little quirks- so why not involve them in the process. A great way to emphasise children’s personality into an area or space or is through artwork. Artwork will make it a pleasant space for them to be in, and the space will help tell a story about them and their personality. Try to reflect their interests, add some inspirational quotes, add something educational like maps, numbers or alphabets, personalise with names, and even combine with their own artwork.

How to choose a frame:

It will all depend on your style and type of artwork. The main thing to remember is not to choose a frame that will take away from the artwork.

Modern/Scandi: Normal simple and thin frames in light timbers, white or black

Vintage/Antique: Think metallics, heavier/chunkier style frames

Farmhouse: Thicker timber type frames

Eclectic: Mix and match, various colours and style of frames

Boho/Coastal: Rattan, whitewash and thinner lighter coloured and light timber frames

You can also use washi tape, clips, pegs and even poster hangers


Injecting personality into our Home:

Our Entry:

The entry sets the mood for your home. It is the first area your guests see when they walk through the door. It’s the first impression and sets the scene for how you would like them to feel about your home. We plan to renovate and paint. In the interim, I am starting to add items with the style we wish to have in our home. A calm and relaxed, coastal, Mediterranean-style home. Due to the fact I have already decided on a style and feel, it has made it much easier to select the artwork.

Prints I used for this area are:

Beige Steps (30x40) 

Waves Of Silence (70x100)  - Find this print at

Poster hanger white 71 cm, magnet fastener – Find the poster hanger at

Creamy (21x30)



Children’s Rooms:

Creating a space that brings children pure joy us what it is all about. They need to feel safe and happy in their own room.

My twin girls are the complete polar opposite- so it has always been harder, particularly as they are sharing a room (for now), and that they have seperate tastes. One is a care-free and messy child, the other is perfectly tidy and organised! So they are beyond excited to finally start having their own style and things in their own space.

This is little Miss precious twinnie’s space… She loves the finer things in life, her gentle animals and soft textures and is full of grace.

Products used to create the look in her bedroom:

Moebe pinch in oak

As a Feather (30x40) Find this print at

White Butterfly (30x40)

The Little Bunny (21x30)

My bubbly and energetic twin, is full of life and is always on the go. Her room is full of colour and is as vibrant as her and full of things that make her happy yet calm. I also chose to mix a frame with a fun gold poster clip.

The products we have chosen for her room are:

C'est la Vie (21x30) skates Find this print at

Candyfloss (30x40)

Poster clip gold, medium


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have loved reading my latest blog!

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