MUDROOM; DROP ZONE; ORGANISATION STATION an area of a home, usually an entryway, and an area which is designed to remove and store any footwear, bags, jackets or items you do not wish to bring into the home and would like to keep organised. This is also a perfect place to set up an organisation hub for the family, and can also be used to organise things like incoming and outgoing notes, paperwork and mail. Something you could call an organised homes' dream! 

The first step is to decide on where you're going to put this space. Where you enter the home is usually the best place to put it. Some people may even prefer having two options. One for themselves inside the garage if entering from the garage, and another by the front door for guests. Alternate options would be the rear of the home, or the Laundry. 

The next step would be to decide on size of the space. This will obviously depend on the identified area, and the numbers of members in the family/regular visitors. There are plenty of options you could go with, concealed or more open, or partially concealed. If you jump on pinterest you can find heaps of inspo. 

During this process it is important to also create a list of what you would like stored and organised in this area. 

Our list went a little something like this:

- Shoes

- Bags (hand bag, nappy bag, shopping bags, school bags, laptop bag)

- Lunch Boxes/Bags

- Mail

- Notes

- Jackets

- Umbrellas

- Hats & Helmets

- Sunglasses

- Plus any other miscellaneous items that we wanted to avoid bringing it into the house/stop cluttering other areas.

We located our Mud Room inside of our garage, just before you walk into the house. We had good length to utilise, but not  a lot of depth -so we went with the skinniest option available to us and utilised as much wall space as possible. 


In it's current state- it wasn't working for us ,and was way too small for our needs, and constantly cluttered and overflowing. We also wanted to add some colour, create a lot more space, have an organisation station, a planner, and also try out the easy craft panels- so this is what we did!


Easy Craft VJ Panels from Bunnings

Dulux Wash & Wear Paint in Duck Egg Blue

Uni Pro Micro Fibre Roller

HEMNES Shoe rack & Bench x 2

HEMNES Hat Rack x 2

KVISSLE for our organisation station 

TJUSIG Hanger 

SIISTI Weekly Planner 

TRONES Shoe Storage x 2

Gyprock Stud Adhesive

White Locker 

Various Screws for installation of furniture 

Nails to secure VJ Boards

Drill and level

Ryobi Jigsaw and Mutlitool for sanding edges  

Let's get in to it! 

First up I needed to cut a small amount off the width of one of the VJ boards after I measured the space I was working with. I used My Ryobi Jigsaw and sanded the edge with the Ryobi Mutiltool. I found the panelling really heavy to work with so I made sure I had a second pair of hands to install, clip, and slide each panel into place. A great video on how to install these panels can be found HERE

Once this step was completed, we could get to setting the panels into place on the wall with some Gyprock Plaster Adhesive. After each panel was popped up we nailed them into place. 

After this we built the furniture and laid it out to see if the configuration we had in mind worked.

I always lay out a blanket underneath the furniture so the furniture doesn't get scratched

 This Ikea furniture was really easy and quick to build

 Then it was onto painting. Both Hubby and I painted the first coat together. He cut in as I painted with a small microfibre roller. 

We let the panels set for a few days before installing the furniture on the wall. I marked the wall, then pre-drilled, prior to mounting accessories/furniture. I then attached one side of the accessory/furniture in place and used a level to make sure all is square, and mark the other side. Repeat this process for each piece you intend to install.

All the furniture, planners and storage were very easy to assemble and install. Some items did require two people to attach to the wall. 

A temporary rug until I can grab a new long runner

The locker system for the twins and reusable shopping bags

The girls utilize the left hand side and hubby and I have the right hand side

Inside view of the Trones Shoe storage 


Done! What do you think? This space has been a dream come true! Now all mail and school notes that need to go in and out slot ever so nicely into the KVISSLE organisation station. Every Sunday I plan out the week for the family on my Siisti planner from my yearly family planner which sits in the KVISSLE. Who has what and when, school pickups, excursions etc... it is so good for everyone to be on the same wave page (we all know what is going on). 

Most importantly... the girls know that they need to remove shoes here as well as bags and other knick knacks, and are able to easily place their shoes on the allocated shelf in their locker. No more picking up after these kiddos and the sand stays outside the house!!!! And it's not hard for anyone to use or maintain! 

Win Win! I hope you have enjoyed yet another Ever So Homely transformation and I can't wait for you to create and share the mudroom of your dreams! 

Until Next Time

Big Love Ange x 


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