I often get asked what plants I have in my home, and if there are any that I would recommend- so here we have it from a not so very plant savvy Mum!

Surprisingly, even I haven't killed these one's just yet, so if you are also new to the world of plants, I may be able to help you...  I am no green thumb and have always been scared to buy any plants, let alone indoor plants, (as years ago I never really had any luck...), but when we moved into our new home there was one corner that needed a boost and the only thing I kept thinking of was a plant to bring it to life! I was always swooning over the amazing plants in homes all over the gram, when during a trip to IKEA I saw the perfect one- great size, looked lush, and great price, so we grabbed it! It was worth a shot! 12 months later it is absolutely thriving and only occasionally gets watered with no maintenance what so ever! So now IKEA is one of my go to spot's to buy plants! 

So here are my TOP 5 PICKS:



Yes, this is my first ever indoor plant! It gets watered when we empty the kids’ drink bottles at the end of the day. It doesn't get any direct sunlight, but occasionally gets moved around the home. All I do is dust the leaves. Just now when checking the name of this plant, I noticed that it is advised that you also fertilise occasionally- so I should probablyshould get onto that!

2. CHAIN OF HEARTS - Bulbura

Now this is my kind of plant... it only requires a monthly water/when I remember! All you need to do is soak it in the kitchen or laundry sink for 10 mins, allow to dry on a towel and pop back on the shelf. Another plant that has now survived on my watch! Unfortunately the chains are now a little short, as some wee little hands discovered the hanging chain... 

It seems Bulbura Plant design is currently closed but if you google KOKEDAMA or chain of hearts a huge range of businesses will pop up. 


Now this one was a random purchase from Bunnings. We were creating a succulent wall outside and it was too heavy for wall and kept falling out, so I literally re-potted in this random pot I found outside... I honestly forgot about it just sitting outside until I saw this incredible growth starting to occur, and now here we are, it has been relocated inside near my window, getting some TLC. I really can't believe how lucky we got with this one! Thank you Soilamore for helping me with identify this succulent!



This might become my favourite plant... I was in search of another new plant, but once again I didn't want to spend a lot, and I loved the look of this beauty from IKEA! I grabbed it without any research, as I do (insert face palm) and it is also thriving with very little maintenance! I am hoping that it ends up being a stunning hanging plant, with its leaves hanging all the way down to my window. I have added it to my herb garden wall. (blog coming soon)


Lastly, this one here, I have to admit I almost did kill it... I found it in the indoor plant section at Bunnings. I had in mind to purchase a plant for our outdoor area. Without even thinking we got it and put it outside...No matter what we did, where we moved it, how much we watered it outside it just wouldn't improve. Until I read the care notes, and much to my horror it was an indoor plant (told you, totally not a plant lady) So we gave it a good trim, removed any dead leaves and brought it inside. It is finally getting better. Phew! Let's see if I can nurture it back to what it once was!


And I thought I would add this one because it is by far my most favourite artificial greenery yet!  I found this artificial gum leaf at IKEA, and it makes for a perfect decorative piece around the home. The muted green fits in perfectly in almost every room!

I should add if you don't want to waste lots of money on plants, some tips are to purchase less mature plants which come with a lower price bracket, do a quick google before you leave the store to check care instructions to ensure that they fit well with your home decor and vibe. And don't forget practice makes perfect so you will eventually get it right yeah? 

So I have gone from plant killer extraordinaire to blogging about my Top 5 no fuss indoor plants 12 months later?  Did I just get lucky with these plants? Quite probably!

Until next time...

Big Love Ange x


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