Bring the outdoors into your home by adding some great low-light, minimal-fuss, plants. 

I have turned into quite a crazy plant lady, adding some 32 or more plants to our home. Some have not survived, but the majority have! I still think owning plants and keeping them alive does come down to a bit luck! Sorry! Hehe

Plants in the home, brighten the home, and are a great way to purify the air indoors. It is also important that when you are finding a home for them (for the majority of plants), that you plan on putting them in a room that is exposed to some form of natural light (and not dark), or nearby a window. And please be warned- I am no expert to the crazy world of indoor plants, I'm just merely sharing what is working for me.


So here are my faves from what I own (and have not killed). And I simply purchase plants for the way they look, and nothing more. Surely I am not the only one! Do let me know. 

Peace lily -

Now this plant will tell you when it needs a drink! The leaves literally start drooping! So you are onto a winner here. Water approx every 1 to 2 weeks (but you will likely get away with fortnightly), and as I said, it will tell you if it needs a drink! It thrives in filtered light, and not next to a window. Water when soil is dry to touch or leaves droop. 


Robusta Snake Plant (mother in laws tongue)- a great air purifier, looks amazing and likes indirect light with well drained soil. Water weekly.

Pothos (devils ivy epipremnum)- propagates easily and survives best in filtered light. Only water if soil is dry. Pop your finger into the soil every 1 to 2 weeks to test.

Heart leaf/velvet leaf Philodendron - will thrive in any dark home. Works well on shelving or as a hanging plant as it can grow really long! Doesn't like wet soil, so ensure it is in a well-drained pot. They are climbers, don't mind getting cut back and are great to propagate. Only water when soil is a touch dry.

Imperial Green Philodendron - will thrive and grow lush green leaves by a well lit window but not direct strong sunlight. Only water when top layer of soil is dry.

Cast iron plant - Suitable in most pockets of the home, even away from windows, doesn't require much light. Water when soil is dry, approximately every 1 to 2 weeks.

Rubber plant - likes a brighter room, but not direct light, keep soil moist only, not wet (but not dry). Water every 1 to 2 weeks

Rhiphalis - hardy. Water once a week. Ensure you pot in well-drained soil, thrives off a good spray mist of water. And makes for a great hanging plant

Dracaena - my longest living plant, and my first ever indoor plant- now 2 years old! Remove any old yellow or dried leaves, and water when soil is dry- approximately every 1 to 2 weeks. It doesn't need direct light, happy with filtered light or even a darker corner which has some form of light in the room. As you can see in this pic, I am a little annoyed at myself as... I left it out a little too long in the sun/rain shower we had recently when I took it out for some fresh air and a shower... so some of the leaves have been affected. I will be repoting this baby and giving it a lot more TLC until I can get it nice and strong again.

Some of my other fave additions to the household are Succulents & Cactus plants! This will be a complete seperate blog coming very soon! My faves are: Aloe, Armatocereus Godingianus, strawberry hedgehog, burros tail, bunny cactus, Candelabra, Jade Plant

Some other tips I feel I should share:

- Rotate plants occasionally (as in clockwise or anticlockwise in the same spot) if it likes the environment it is in so that the light is spread around.

- Re-pot every two years to freshen up the soil as the plants may start to yellow.

- Clean leaves. I just spray with some warm water, and wipe down with a microfibre cloth- ensure that you support leaves from underneath. Dust blocks light and stops photosynthesis of their food...light is key!

 - If your plant isn't loving life where it is, try a new spot in the house, try a new watering technique, check for pests or bugs- and even the health of your soil.

- Add some plant food every one to three months depending on plant and season.

- There are so many YouTube videos on plants so do your research if you are unsure of something.

Ticking off my bucket list (what's next): 

Palms, ferns and a ZZ plant are great plants also, and will make for perfect additions! Even a Monstera or fiddle leaf would be nice, but are a little fiddly!

These plants are a good starter. Start with one or two until you are comfortable then add to your collection. And don't forget pay attention to the tag that comes with your plant (I have a habit of throwing them out...) and if you are unsure of what is happening with your plant... Google it, knowledge is power.. there is so much online help out there!

When styling with plants choose a variety of pots, baskets and planters that suit your home to display them. Don't forget plant stands make a perfect addition! 

Lastly- BEWARE!!! There are many indoor plants (including the ones I have mentioned in this blog) that are poisonous to pets and even babies, so do your research beforehand to ensure they are safe to keep in your home, and place them away from those curious little hands and mouths, and from pets. 

I hope you have found this latest blog helpful, and that it has encouraged you to bring nature indoors, and helps you to brighten your home and purify the air that surrounds you!

I will start sharing a lot more of my plants and plant care over on my instagram feed as they really are such a great addition to the home. If you are not yet following, you can check me out @eversohomely

Once again another way to make your home #eversohomely

Big Love & until next time

Ange x



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