As the weather begins to warm, it is time to open all the windows and give your home some air and a good deep cleanse- incl. getting rid of some of that clutter! 

Winter often turn us into hermits, and tends to be the season when things start to accumulate around the home.

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and a season in which to start afresh!

My top tip:

Make yourself a permanent donations box. Commence a good and thorough declutter. Be mindful when things are physically in your hands and they don't have a home, and question yourself as to whether you really need them, or if belongs in that space and gives you all the feels... or does it overwhelm you? If it is the later it's gotta go! This will get you in rhythm of a good habit of constant purging around the home, a rhythm that can be utilised not only in spring but all year round!  

Is it also important to plan out your spring clean over a period of 4 weeks or so if you would also like to declutter your space. At the end of such a huge job reward yourself with a new candle, fresh cushions, and/or some green plants to freshen it all up!

So how do you start? 

Follow these tips, choose 2-3 'to do's' each day. You can easily spread it all out over 2 weeks to ensure that you are ready for a deep cleanse of your home

1.Make up a permanent donate & sell box. A box where you can place items  immediately when you come across them (like those items in your hands)

2.Write a list of your main frustrations and things you want to achieve. For example organise and sort kids cupboards and get some suitable storage

3.Book in a date to spring clean your home in the next 2 to 3 weeks 

4.Choose something to reward yourself and home with when you finish your spring clean. A new candle, a bunch of flowers, a new plant. Makes for a perfect  finishing touch! 

5.Are there any jackets, blazers, coats or jumpers you didn't wear this winter  season? If so pop in your donation or sell box

6.Get summer ready! Check all your sun protection and make sure it is all in  date. Throw out any that are expired. Throw out any old tattered towels, faded  swimwear, goggles or ill fitting swimwear!  You know the ones your boobs pop  out of !  

7. Start a list for things that require to be replaced 

8. Move your winter items into storage bags or a less accessible spot on your  shelf

9. Go through all your cleaning items, including scourers, sponges, scrubbing  brushes & cleaning products. Dispose of any that are beyond use . Add to your  list anything you need to buy for your spring clean. Such as oven cleaner, bulk  rags, cleaning products, spray bottles, anything that will make your clean easier  and quicker without running to the shops during your spring clean

10. De-clutter under kitchen, laundry and bathroom sinks/ vanities

11. Book in any carpet or upholstery cleaning you would like to get done 

12. Declutter and clean out fridges & freezers of any expired or unused foods

13. Declutter and clean out your pantry of any unused or expired foods

14. Time to get stuck into the wardrobes. Remove any ill fitting clothes or things  you haven't worn in the last 12 months

15. Don't forget to utilize your boxes.
Donate, sell, recycle, rubbish & re-home

16. Clean out, declutter & organise your kitchen cupboards.  Wipe down the  insides as you go

17. Attack the worst draw in the house, clean it out organise it and re-home  things that need to be relocated. 

18.Clean out your linen cupboard. Cut up any old linen and towels you can use  for your spring clean

19.Clean up your drop zone ( where mail, keys are left) and create a better  option if it gets easily out of control. Such as an organising station, small basket, keys on hooks

20.Do you have any cushions or throws that are a little shabby or need updating? Either sell in a bundle or donate

21. Start a maintenance list of any lingering maintenance around the home

22.Time to go through all the children's books, any other book shelves,  entertainment unit and any shelving you might have. Is there anything taking up  space and being a good dust collector which you really don't need anymore? Any ripped or damaged books you could dispose of? Dvds that are no longer watched

23. Time to get stuck into decluttering and organising your bedside tables, on top of and inside

24.Let's get your the toys/playroom under control. Remove any multiplies,        unplayed with or damaged items or things with missing pieces. As well as toys  that come in party bags or the cheap surprise eggs. 

25.Set some rules around toys such as 1 week life span for party bag toys, 1 new toy in, 1 to 2 need to go...

26.Tidy up a folder or two in your laptop

27.Unsubscribe from any irrelevant emails and tidy up your inbox

28.Go through all the shoes for the household. Dispose or donate any that you  see fit. Wash any that need a good clean

29.It's office time! Get stuck into the draws, filing cabinets, desks & draws.  Remove any unnecessary clutter, re-home anything that needs be

30.Do you have any kids desks? Perhaps get them to help you tidy that space up too! 

31.Do you have a shed or garage that needs some TLC or a big clear out!  This is the time to do it. 

32.Art, craft, playdoughs... Get rid of things like old materials, unfinished projects, dried playdough and paints

33.If the area isn't working that well perhaps look into some more organised  storage such as plastic tubs with labels

34.when was the last time you got new pillows? Maybe you can use spring  cleaning as your annual reminder to grab some new 

Now the Deep Cleanse: 

I am not going to sit here and suggest a a step-by-step process for each room, but what I will give you is some valuable tips on the things you should be focusing on during the deep cleanse and the quickest ways I find do things! And to be honest, I use any hack or device under the sun that will make #mumlife that much easier- if you can save time, then why not right? I usually start from the front of the house and work my way down to the back, so here is the low down! 

- Pack your cleaning caddy full of everything you need. Include a spray bottle of water so you don't need to go back and forth to the tap. I use my own DIY essential oil products for cleaning, bamboo duster and micro fibre cloths that I rinse between each room

- Dust up high first. Fans, tops of window sills, blinds, cornices, light fittings, that sort of thing. As well as any window frames

- Dust skirtings, then wipe with some surface spray, and use a magic eraser for stubborn marks. Don't forget your power points, light switches and door handles.

- I use a VAX STEAM attachment for my window tracks, and then a surface spray made out of essential oils; but any surface spray will do for window sills. If you have any excessive build up you may need to use a green and yellow scourer pad. If you don't have a device like so (VAX STEAM attachment), I hear baking soda with some vinegar, and a toothbrush will do the trick (more wrist work required)!

- If possible move everything out of your way, give the space a good vacuum/mop, and rearrange your furniture

- Strip all bedding, and pop into the washing machine. Take doonas and pillows outside in the sun to air out OR pop in the washing machine/get them laundered. 

- Clean mattresses. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of baking soda, 2 drops of tea tree oil, and a single drop of lemon. Sprinkle onto mattress, open all windows, and leave for 2 hours; then vacuum off. Thanks for the recipe 'The Calm Compound'! 

- Pull out, and clean under fridges, washing machines/dryers, and dishwashers

- Give your kitchen sink a good clean. I love gumption! 

- Clean all cupboard externals and internals. Gumption is my go to here as well

- Clean on tops of cupboards. Dust, then wet wipe
- Pop your scrubbing brush itself into the dishwasher for a good cleanse


- If your washing machine is empty, give it a good clean also. The safest option with manufacturer warranties is to use washing machine cleaning tables, however, there are many other natural ways to clean your washing machine- you can do it with vinegar and bicarb soda.

 - Clean your oven and rangehood. I use OVEN POWER for the oven which is amazing, and I like to soak the range hood in napisan, and then scrub with hot water and rinse.  

- Clean your dining chairs and legs with a damp warm cloth with a couple drops of lemon oil or a surface spray. Clean dining table legs also

- Stove top-  love a good clean with gumption, then a quick spray of vinegar to polish. Don't forget to clean the crevices around the frame of the stove top. There is an attachment with the VAX that is amazing, otherwise a toothbrush and gumption works wonders

- Microwave: A quick, natural way to clean and freshen up the microwave- and you don't need any of that elbow grease (extra wrist action).
1. I cup of water into a microwave safe bowl 
2. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar
3. Add approximately half a lemon (squeezed) - no pips 
4. Pop into the microwave for about 5 min (give or take depending on the microwave itself- just make sure the liquid doesn't fully evaporate)
5. Leave the door shut for a further 3-5 mins for the steam to continue working
6. Wipe out microwave with a cloth or paper towel

- Under the edge of your benches, breakfast bar with some gumption or surface spray

- I also like to clean the tiles from top to bottom in the wet areas. A warm wet soapy cloth on the end of a silicone type broom works well for those hard to reach areas. 

- Wash pillows. Make sure you have two pillows in the washing machine so that it keeps the drum balanced- and pop in a drop of tea tree oil (a great natural antiseptic)

- Air out pillows and doonas in the sun

- Book shelves, remove all books, and dust. When placing books back, place some vertically and some horizontally to freshen up the area

- Spot clean walls with a magic eraser

- Grout cleaning - I use my VAX steam clean attachment with a spray of mould spray. Wipe with a wet cloth after giving the grout a scrub

- Clean Vacuum cleaner filters, washing machine filters, and dishwasher

- Wipe down washing machine drum and seals

- Clean all furniture, and include outdoor furniture and patio/outdoor entertaining areas

- Sand down and seal furniture if needed

- Clean gutters if required

- Garage- Close the door and clean inside and outside of the door

- Lastly DO NOT forget your windows! I have a great device called window mate and it works a treat! 

I hope this blog helps you Get Ready to Spring Clean, and give your home that deep cleanse it deserves! 

Just in case you would love some more in depth information on the VAX steam, decluttering your pantry or Kitchen, or are interested to hear more of my journey,  link to my blogs below. 

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This blog is in no way affiliated or sponsored, just excited to be able to share with you what works for me in my home. 

Happy Spring Cleaning! 

Big Love Ange x



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