Our study nook has never been a great space. I have always hated the dark brown laminate bench top, and the space just felt so dark and closed in. My aim for this space was to literally stop it from being a dumping ground, make it feel bright, more open, airy and comfortable for all of us to use, and so that more than one family member could sit there at any time. And ultimately a clear desk, because as they say "a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind". So time to clear the deck and start fresh!!!

Previously this space was a combined kids playroom and a study nook, however it really wasn't working too well for any of us. I thought that kids playing behind me and out of sight to a point whilst I work was a fantastic idea....  Ummm no, CHAOS! So we recently moved the kids playroom to the spare living room at the front of our home (my latest transformation) and we have now transformed this space into a study & quiet retreat. This space sits just outside our master bedroom, so now makes for a really nice off-shoot.. 

Here is the BEFORE pic of the study nook... 

It never had enough storage, it was unorganised, also a walk though thoroughfare to multiple rooms- hence dumping ground...

I know I say this with each room I am about to transform, but this one was definitely one was the one I desperately had to transform and get organised! I have been working on my dining table for months (enough was enough)... 

I needed my own space, so did hubby, and so did the girls. So here it is... our new study nook! And how good does it look with our fab new stationery range from @smashenterprises and @bigwaustralia. It has been easy to get organised with the Paint & Play range, it has everything from desk organisers, weekly planners, to do lists, sticky pads, pens and even pom pom pens! So if you love a little matchy matchy, and you are a stationery addict- then this one is for you! Revamping your desk is a great way to actually get the most of and enjoy the desk, and ultimately get yourself organised! The Paint & Play range is fresh, motivating, and uplifting!


My faves in the range would have to be: 

- The weekly planner

- The notebooks (absolute sucker here for pretty notebooks...)

- Envelope wallet

- Mechanical Pencil (old school pacer pencil) Do you remember these? 

- And of course the pom pom pens! 

 Other items in the range include:

- Ring binder

- Sticky tape holder

- A5 note pad

- Planner

- Pens

- Various other notebooks

- Pen holder

- Magazine/doccuments file

- Sticky note pad

- Document tray

- Various folders

- To do list

- Daily planner

- Accessory set

- Paper book covers


Top tips to get your desk organised:

- Complete a digital declutter (PC), as well as a good general declutter and organisation of the space

- Clear the deck and start from scratch when reorganising the space, even if it means moving things around (or to other spaces)

- Give it a good clean

- Make sure you dispose of any outdated calendars/diaries/planners that are no longer needed

- Paperless (electronic) filing- get all of your bills emailed (or download) instead of receiving in the mail

- Grab some great storage that will work well with your space and needs (not everything needs to live on the desk)

- Keep things you need close at hand

- If it is a shared space, talk to your family members also and create the space together

- Make it feel welcoming and comfortable. Add a plant, a candle or diffuser, some of your fave photos or prints

- Allocate a space and a home for everything (easy to find, therefore easy to put away- get disciplined) 

- Don't keep anything you don't need. Discipline to purge on an ongoing basis

- In the end it is a desk to work on, not a desk to store things

More to come on the study & quiet retreat transformation... 

If you don't have a desk or office space but still want to get organised, the new stationery range from Smash and Big W also has great TO DO lists, weekly planners and notepads! 

Smash Stationery Range now available in store at BIG W in four different designs! 

This has been Collaboration project with @Smashenterprises & @bigw. All photography and content creation related to this project are my own, and I only endorse brands and products I love to work with.  I will always put the products supplied to me to review to test, I will share my results, favourite features and key benefits, as well as any cons. 

Until next time

Big Love

Ange x

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    I was just wondering if you would mind sharing or pointing me in the right direction on how you made you desk. How to get started, materials you used etc
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