There are two things around the home that have been causing me much angst, which I have ultimately wanted to find a solution for, and of course anything to make #mumlife that much easier! I would rather spend time with my family rather than countless hours cleaning our home. But I also want a clean home, with less clutter! There has to be a happy balance though right? 

What I was looking for:

 1. A vacuum I could easily pull out and QUICKLY clean up any crumbs or mess with ease, and not have to bend down (I must be getting old Ha ha). It would have to be my most utilised home appliance- so it needs to be on point! 

2. A mop that wasn't clumsy or heavy, that has dual-action properties, and doesn’t require me to hold the trigger down the entire time (due to my carpal tunnel). If you have been watching my Instagram stories for a while you would have heard me lose my s#@t every time I mop! Ha ha.

Thankfully my two of my biggest frustrations have been solved thanks to VAX- and boy am I stoked!


First impressions upon opening the VAX Blade and the VAX Steam: 

- Slimline & Sleek

- Lightweight

Simple to assemble

 Big Tick so far! Impressed! 

One thing I noticed whilst reading the instructions & assembling was that both VAX appliances were multi use! Now that to me means EXCITEMENT, as I don't need multiple appliances to achieve the same thing. Less clutter, I am down for that! 

The VAX Blade is also a handheld and can be used to clean the car or lounge crevices for example. It can also be used with the included extender handle and various attachments to clean hard to reach places, and cob webs. An additional included attachment is the Pet/Stair tool which I am yet to test out (no pets inside, nor stairs). 

The VAX Steam also converts to a handheld, so is not only a steam mop for floors. It can be used to clean window tracks, grout, stove tops, hard-to-get-to crevices and even your stove top! The extra attachments include a hose, window tool, window tool cloth, various brush attachments, a scraper, a grout brush, and various high pressure nozzles. Spring clean come at me! 

With all the room transformations completed to date, I have been able to get in and give them a really good deep clean. This is the first room transformation I have been able to speed up this process and be more thorough at the same time by using the VAX appliances. Anything to make spring cleaning easier and to save time right Mama?! 

I have been trialling these products for the last few weeks and here is a sum up of why they are my pick of the bunch! 

Let' start with the VAX BLADE:

- Quick, Easy & Convenient

- Don't need to plug in, charge only

- Easy to empty and maintain

- A boost mode for extra strength deeper cleaning

- Don't need to hold the power button down

- Heavy suction 

- Visibility of battery life remaining (so you know when to charge. I have often with previous other products, popped it down from last use, go to use again and its flat.... huge pet peeve)

- Multiple uses TICK TICK TICK


- I am glad I no longer need to bend down with a hand held for a quick clean up. Win Win here! 


 And now the VAX Steam:

- Option for detergent

- Non streaky finish on my high gloss tiles

- Multiple uses especially cleaning all those annoying areas like grout, crevices and window tracks. Deep clean & speed up- 'Spring Cleaning' big tick! 

- Machine washable mop heads

- Angled head so gets into the hard to get to places

- Large scrub brush at the click of a foot for tough marks and no need to bend down

- Don't need to hold the trigger the whole time just quick bursts when required. (Previous mops I have used I had to hold the trigger the whole time and finished in agony)

- Lightweight

All in all I have absolutely, extremely enjoyed using both these products. I couldn't fault the VAX Blade one bit. With the VAX Steam, the only thing I found is a couple of the attachments fall out from the back whilst in use and I have to pick them, but that could easily be me not having them attached correctly on the rear. The only other thing is that the cord will not stay attached to the handle so I just hold it in my hand. The Pros definitely out way the Cons in my opinion! 

VAX is a complete floor care brand offering an extensive range of products, that have been tried and tested by me and I have found both effective and efficient in cleaning our home. 

VAX appliances are available at major retailers such as Bunnings warehouse, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi Fi Home & Bing Lee- so you can easily test them out yourself! 

This is a product review and the VAX products were supplied in collaboration for review purposes. All content and photography are my own. I will always put the products supplied to me to review to test, I will share my results, favourite features and key benefits as well as any cons. 

And I am so so excited to say today, that I LOVE them both! Thank you VAX

Until next Time, 

Big Love Ange x

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