Hasn’t 2020 been a doozy! It has affected all of us in many different ways, and will definitely be put down as the year that almost broke us. A year of uncertainty. It has tested our resilience, our patience, our strengths and our weaknesses; and most of all our relationships. We have learnt new words and phrases and our children use the common language of today; social distancing, lockdown,
virus, germs, coronavirus, sanitizer, the park is closed, we can only go for a walk today, no we are not allowed to go for a drive or to the shops, have you washed your hands?
And the words that Daddy lost his job today… 

We’ve been thrown curve ball and hit us right where it hurts. I was working at my desk and I could hear him speaking on Zoom. I was hoping it wasn’t the case. My heart sunk. I could hear him ask how long he still had. As soon as he walked out of the bedroom, I hugged him. I cried, and he just said we will work it out somehow and everything will be okay. The first thing we did was focus on our
mortgage, the need to put a roof over our kids’ heads… What were we going to do? Sadly, we haven’t been the only family affected by unemployment, near loss/loss of homes and facing the inevitable in these unprecedented times. With the current climate and job loss within the industry and the chance of him finding a new well-paying job (aligned to his skills/experience) to cover our mortgage, we knew it was not going to be easy.

So we did the only thing we could. We came up with a plan to get proactive. Our circumstances have changed and it can be tricky to plan for the future.

Here is what worked for us:
- Assessed our financial situation: Worked out what our current financial situation looked like, and what our future money situation needed to look like. We were then able to work out how many months we could pay the mortgage for with the money we had, without looking at other options (including the worst case - selling our home)
- Immediate changes: Where could we make some immediate changes to our outgoings like more intentional purchases and spending with care
- Saved on our groceries: We saved on grocery shops including frugal meals within monthly meal planning which included bulk buying where we could and when it was available
- Appraised the house: Just in case, We had the house appraised by a real estate agent in case we needed to sell. We also created a list of what we need to finish around the home if we need to sell urgently
- Reviewed our home loan: Our mortgage is the largest financial commitment we will ever make and it consumes a large percentage of our incomes. So we became proactive in managing our loan. So we turned to ANZ for a free Home Loan Check-In to help with our financial wellbeing.

The Check-In has been a great way to revisit our home loan, ensure we are on the best set up as possible to suit our needs and goals and we were able to ask all the questions we needed with a personalised conversation. The hardest thing in situations like this is knowing who to call or where to go for the information you need. This is where the ANZ Home Loan Check In comes in. A FREE
friendly conversation with personalised options for us to consider.

Through just one call, we felt at ease and on top of our finances. Our home loan now feels more under control and in the best place it can possibly be. If anything, it just showed us how important it is to proactively manage your home loan.
I highly recommend the ANZ Home Loan Check In as it helped us understand our options to achieve more certainty. Best of all it is free!

Hubby has since secured a new role in a new company (with a lower paying wage) along with my work ramping up and being as busy as ever. We have managed to turn things around, keep our home and a roof over our kids’ heads as well as have better control over our home loan with a plan in place.

It’s hard to keep motivated and positive during this time, so my advice is get organised, live simply, and minimally, spend more mindfully and be grateful. Set yourself some regular and achievable goals so you still feel like you are moving forward during this time. This will all be a mere distant memory soon enough.

Note: before you make any changes to your home loan, you should consider the risks and benefits of doing so and whether any fees and charges apply.

Thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this blog post.

Big Love & Until next time

Ange x


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Making ou home clean and organized is one of the most productive things we can do especially at this time. Thanks for sharing the plans you’ve made

    Ava | HIREtrades

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