If you are looking at doing a pantry makeover or would simply just love to get your pantry under control, de-cluttered and organised, then this one is for you!

I will show you, step-by-step, my tips to create an ultimate pantry, total #pantryporn (it's totally a thing, check out the #)- as well as cost effective ways you can just create a well organised space that works well for you and your family.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a super organised pantry, with distinctive labelling, canisters, and shelving. I have always used the Tupperware brand and had a fairly organised pantry, however it was a space that become out of control quite easily. I have never gone to the extent that I have gone to now, and I never thought how much of an impact and organised pantry would have on day-to-day tasks. Not only can you can see everything at a glance, but the copious amounts of time saved looking for things disappear, as does the money wasted!!!! Even hubby can get in there and literally get what he needs. AKA chip basket! And no longer needs to ASK me to come and find it! #winning!

So lets get started!

If you answer YES to any of the below, then it might be time to consider a declutter and organise of the pantry:

Are you sick of food going to waste because it's past its expiry? 

Are you constantly looking for that stray muesli bar that you are adamant is in the cupboard?

Have you ever chosen not to cook as you can't deal with opening the pantry and trying to work out what you have, so order takeout instead? 

You come home from that grocery shop and carefully place the food in so it won't fall out?

If it sounds all too familiar... keep on reading and let's get you started on an ultimate pantry transformation! 

Here is a pic of my pantry prior to the makeover. A good sized pantry, cupboard corner style. What I call a pokey pantry...


And you can watch me doing my Pantry declutter here at

How to begin:

Start off with a really good declutter, first and foremost. It sounds scary I know, and can be such a daunting task, but I am here to help you through the process; to attack it without that overwhelming feeling and so that you can easily work on pockets/small chunks at a time. I created a Kitchen De-clutter Checklist  to get you on your way, and you can find that HERE! For now just focus on the Pantry and leave the rest of the Kitchen until another day. 

Some extra tips: 

- Set yourself a timer- 20 to 30 min are achievable time frames to work in small chunks of time. If you can drag it out longer, great! 

- Create yourself 'rubbish', 'recycling', 're-home', and 'donate' boxes. If you are up for selling your unwanted items create a box for this too.

- Concentrate on one shelf at a time, sift through the items, and separate into the boxes as you go

- Clean the shelf/shelves as you go

- Place like items together in grouped areas back on the shelf. For example pasta, flour, rice- all together

- If you have any spare baskets or boxes laying around, maybe pop them in the pantry and place like items together in them

- Once you have de-cluttered download and print this 'organisation checklist' HERE 

- Go through this checklist 

- If you are a visual person sketch out your pantry, and map out/mark where you would like things to go. Spices, oils, excess, dry goods, baking, appliances, chopping boards, sauces, condiments, snacks, kids food, cans, etc...

- Move any large appliances you don't use on a regular basis somewhere else. I have heaps of unused storage in the Laundry so most of mine got moved there!

- If you have completed the 'organisation checklist' you can now start working on the type of storage required. I have linked my faves below. Also have a good look through Pinterest and Instagram to get some more inspo for the type of look you want to achieve

- Vinyl labels are a great way to be able to easily identify what you have in the pantry. The black and bold Ever So Homely labels are available HERE

- I purchased my canisters in 3 large shopping trips. IKEA in one trip, and then KMART in 2 trips, and Target and Big W just as I was out shopping. It is a pretty big job, and the last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself. So my suggestion is break it down if you can, and have the patience to do so! 

- Use a funnel to fill your bottles & jars! 

How to create an EVER SO HOMELY Pantry:

All matchy, matchy, and a little OCD overload... a link to everything you need!

Cork top bottles KMART & IKEA

Small & Medium Cylinder Cannisters IKEA

Basket for cans IKEA

Square Canisters BIG W. Are great for stacking one on top of each other!

The Small IKEA canisters fit perfectly underneath the KMART stands

Stands KMART. The small slides underneath the large perfectly! Great for corners!

Large excess Baskets Aldi on special buys. You can also find similar at IKEA, TARGET & KMART

Black Canisters Target (This contains lollies, chocolates and biscuits so they are hidden out of site for mum and children!) LOL

Bread Bin KMART

Oil and spices Hot Dollar


Recipe Holder IKEA (an actual spice rack)

Labels in the EVER SO HOMELY  designed by Ever So Homely and printed by Alby Blox 



More photos and video over on my instagram page @eversohomely. Pop on over and come say HELLO!


Budget/Recyclable Friendly Ideas:

Old jars, wash and remove labels

Cover old gift boxes with contact or covering, and attach a label or handle

Use baskets that you have laying around your home

A DIY spice rack - read about it HERE


Some other places you can go shop for pantry canisters & storage:




$2 shops/Reject Shop


Big W


All up the pantry makeover cost approximately $350! 


I hope you've enjoyed the pantry transformation, declutter, organisation and decorating of! And hopefully all of your questions have been downloaded here, and you've grabbed your Pantry Organisation Checklist which includes so much more amazing helpful tips! 

And as always, here to support you so pop me an email at

Until next time, 

Big Love

Ange x


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