How to TRANSFORM your Laundry for LESS THAN $500!

Welcome to my BIGGEST and most budget-friendly transformation to date! 

If you have been following on my social pages you would have seen ALOT of behind the scenes of this transformation.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and how easy it really was to achieve these results. 


BEFORE:  Our laundry was very outdated in terms of the colour palette and styling and  was really lacking some key storage solutions we really needed. 

I wanted to make changes that enhanced not only the look of the laundry so it tied back into the rest of the house (think our front entry makeover), but also increased functionality and actually made me want to do the laundry. 












Budget $100 | Time 1hr

We were lacking some key elements in our laundry. 1.  Somewhere to hang drying clothes. 2.  An easy access shelf for small items. 3. Warm homely touches.

For Stage 1 of our Laundry transformation, I added some simple DIY shelves and a rail for hanging clothes.  I also wanted to soften the space and make it more welcoming with some plants and decor pieces.  

To install the hanging rail I used a 1.2m length of Tasmanian Oak Dowel & a pair of Black Centre PiIlar Fittings.  I cut the dowel to length and gave the ends a light sand to tidy the cuts of any splintered edges.  The pillar fittings included screws and were super easy to install into the underside of the overhead cupboards.  Install one pillar end first, ensuring you have it positioned so that when a coat hanger is hanging it won't touch the back wall.  Then put your dowel in, followed by your second end.  Ensure your second end is lined up evenly before screwing in to place.




For our shelf, I used a piece of pine cut to length and a pair of Black Brackets 

At Bunnings you can have your timber cut to length for a few dollars. This is a huge time and money saver if you know EXACTLY what your measurements are. So measure twice to be sure! 

Also be sure to use the correct wall fixings, such as wallmates which can go straight into plasterboard.  

I also added a new plant and pot and a a new hand soap pump from Bunnings which cost approximately $5.









Budget  $100 |  Final Cost $107 | Time 3 days

This was the best part of the transformation! From drab brown to the most perfect crisp fresh white- making it an ultimate #laundryroom!

So what did I use, and how long did it all take? 

It took three days on and off to complete, including drying time. 

Materials Needed:




STEP 1: Firstly remove all doors (either number your door/s or have them in order as per your incumbent cupboard doors so you don't get them mixed up. I also left all matching screws inside the respective cupboards (so they were not lost). I then taped each of the surrounding areas that touch any other surfaces with the Scotch blue painters tape. Tape the areas you need to trim to ensure you protect other peripheral areas from stray paint, and be mindful that this tape can remove paint from areas if it sits for longer then 24 hours (yep, it's that good!).







Step 2: I then prepped all my areas by giving them a light sand and then cleaning with the Vanilla methylated spirit and a clean cloth. Make sure you remove any marks and dust all surfaces until they are completely clean.

Step 3: Next step was to prime the cupboard doors. I lay the doors out on cardboard boxes so that the edges were overhanging, and I started with a quick roll along all edges, and then the tops of the cupboard doors. The best way to do this for a flawless finish, is cover the area in a zig zag pattern and then lay off (distributing the paint in a more uniform fashion). Do this by starting at the top of the cupboard door on the left hand side and rolling downwards, and then do the next roll (starting from the top exactly like the previous roll) until you have covered the whole door and is completely smooth. This technique will give you a streak-free look, and is critical the way through the stages of painting the cupboard doors. Do this with all cupboard doors and exterior surfaces and wait a couple of hours to dry before applying the next coat.

Here is a quick video you may found useful for the application of this technique, including other extra advice. I also sought guidance from Dulux in relation to the selection of my products, application and techniques- and I also watched this video. I also spoke to plenty of qualified staff at Bunnings! 

In the interim, do the same to the fixed cupboard areas and paint the thin trims with a small brush. 

After the cupboard doors are dry, give a very light sand, wipe clean with a clean cloth, and apply a second coat. Repeat in a few hours or leave overnight and move to the reverse side of the cupboard doors (time frames may vary depending on weather conditions/climate).

Once the fixed cupboard areas are dry, repeat the above as per cupboard doors- a light sand and clean,and a second coat of primer.

Now onto the fun bit- painting:

Give all of the cupboard doors a light sand, dust off with a clean cloth and with the same technique as above, apply a coat of paint with a fresh roller. 

Repeat as above until you have two coats of paint on all areas. 

Once complete and all dry, re-install the cupboard doors. I left mine over night. Please be mindful when re-installing the cupboard doors, that even though they are touch dry they will not fully cure for up to a week dependent on the paint you use.

Last step is to spray paint the handles colour of choice. I chose black in Rustoleum as this product doesn't require a primer. Make sure you give your handles a clean with methlyated spirits as per the cupboards. 


Budget $300 | Final Cost $298 | Time 3hrs (plus drying time)

This stage consisted of re-painting the exterior laundry door black. I used the Dulux Baltica Aquanamel as above to match the rest of the black in the home, a new black tap, and a succulent wall from IKEA. This came in at just under the $300 mark! 

Bunnings have a great range of tap ware at really affordable prices. 

This is the tap we purchased from Bunnings, at a very affordable $160. I had hubby install it for me. 

I used the same painting technique for the exterior laundry door as per the above for the cupboard doors. This paint is perfectly fine to use on exteriors. I just had to wait for a clear sunny weekend to complete this area. 

To create the succulent wall I used 2x the MOSSLANDA picture ledge and added 10 x mini succulents- from IKEA. I just removed the labels and kept them in the same pots. 



So, what do you think?  We came under our $500 budget (just) and managed to complete this project in only a few days.  Not only is this space now a pleasure to do laundry in, we have also added value to our home as everything is re-freshed and on trend.












Some other things we were considering doing:

At the beginning we were planning on changing the splash back also, and using these vinyl panels from Bunnings, but once the cupboard doors were on we were so happy with the overall look that we decided we didn't need to go down this path. 


Did you notice the greenery on the outside fence? I have had so many questions and messages about the amazing greenery outside both our exterior laundry door and kitchen window, so I thought its best I share all the details here also.

This was pre-existing and is seriously the easiest way to turn something drab into fab and as you know I am no huge green thumb. My plant survival rate is appalling! So guess what... the hedging is artificial and you cannot kill it- check out the UN-REAL 2 x 1m Artificial Expandable Hedge Trellis Green - Photinia Leaf from
@bunnings! It's durable and easy to install. I have two in each section, held up by some screws in the fence to latch it onto. Easy DIY job for the weekend this one! 
Check out the before and after!


You can also watch a stack of behind the scenes fun over at my Instagram page in my Highlights section HERE

I hope you have enjoyed my latest transformation blog and flick me an email if you have any questions to help with your own space! 

Until next time... 

Big love Ange x


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