Have you ever craved and longed for a functional, stylish wardrobe, that is organised and speaks YOU as soon as you walk through or open those doors? A wardrobe that you can quickly walk into and be ready in minutes without worrying what even fits? Let alone where that white bra is?...Well I may be able to help you...


Calm THAT chaos by calming your OWN chaos...

As part of my decorating journey I have undergone a huge declutter of our whole home, to calm the chaos, help the overwhelm and get this Mumma organised! (read my declutter blog's here and here ) As a mum to 3 children, three and under, I am always the last out the door and I longed to feel good, look good, and be confident. Just to even feel comfortable in my own home. It was getting to the stage where I couldn't find what to wear, then didn't have the time to work out what to wear, so just I would just throw on the closest thing to me. Sound familiar? 

So a huge wardrobe declutter it was! I hadn't touched the wardrobe until now. To be honest I was absolutely crapping myself even attempting this as I have never removed more then 10 items from my wardrobe at any one time. Like ever.... So to make sure I didn't pack it all in before I had even started, I set myself some ground rules.

1. Work on sections. I did one section every few days

2. I set myself a timer of about 25 minutes for each section 

3. I tried items on if need be and asked myself? Does that item/s fit? Do I feel good in that item/s? Do I love everything I see in front of me? Does it have a purpose? If I answered NO to any of it, I got rid of it!

4. Removed and stored any seasonal items. 

You may ask how many items have I removed? I am yet to count, but I am waiting for the land of social media to take a guess since I have shared this process every step of the way! If you would like to take a peek check out my Instagram highlights here! 

Once I rid my life of crazy amounts of clothing I had collected throughout the years, I was able to start on the organisation and revamp of our wardrobe! I couldn't wait for my vision to come to life. 

My before pic.... so embarrassing but here it is. Real life, busy mama, full to the brim wardrobe! 


Busy Mama, time to make your life easier. It is time to get organised! 

We have super high ceilings and with so much wasted space. I thought it was best that we utilise the area we already had. Firstly I created an extra shelf above the already existing shelf. If you are interested in creating your own shelf and creating more space for under $50 or would like to know more, go check out my DIY blog here.

My aim was to create sections and divide everything into its own category. So I went and stalked my local Bunnings. I had an idea in mind and particularly wanted black wire baskets. But they were nowhere to be found... I did however find both these perfect wire  baskets that I could easily spray paint with some Rustoleum spray paint. I went with Rustoleum as it already has an in-built primer and works great on most surfaces. The baskets needed about 3 light coats inside and out. I sprayed these outside on some old cardboard. Whilst spraying these baskets, I also sprayed all the chrome bars from the wardrobe. If you get any run marks from the spray paint, wait until they are fully dry and then give a quick sand with an ultra smooth 320 grit sand paper, and re-spray.

I spray painted all these items over a period of a week. I ran into soaring temps of 35 degrees plus and couldn't spray paint during most times of the day, and is this why it took me a while. Finally once dry and with perfect coverage, I could get it all back inside. All up I used two cans of Rustoleum spray paint in flat black for 3 baskets and 6 bars. 

As you can see from the picture above I did some painting whilst the wardrobe was empty. I fell in love with a paint from Dulux- Baltica. Oh My Goodness! It was even better in real life and just made our wardrobe come to life and created some character! To be honest, I LOVE black, and is safe to say it is probably my #1 colour. One of the most important things I should share with you is that a dark colour is very difficult to paint with. So if you aren't confident get an expert in, otherwise take your time, and use a good quality lambs wool, short hair, gloss roller. You could also give the paint company a call, they provide some fabulous advice. Also ensure you take care in taping in all edges carefully especially using such a dark colour as you don't want bleeding. I use Edge lock, my go to product when it comes to painting. 

What do you think? Do you love it?! 

The only other subtle change I made was replaced the old handles on the wardrobe drawers with wooden handles from Bunnings. They were very easy to swap over. Remove the old and replace with the new! 

We were pretty lucky that we already had a good wardrobe to work with, and it was more about creating a more organised space, with ease of use, to save time, anxiety and stress. Now that I have shown you how it is done and have hopefully somewhat inspired you....it is time to see some pics of the finished product! The after... This is how our wardrobe is now and I am utterly in LOVE! 

Oh and before I forget my last few tips for my latest project to help with organising you!

1. Group your clothing in like clothing. Such as dresses, tops, etc...

2. Colour co-ordinate them

3. Face all clothes the same way as well as hangers the same way

4. Fold so you can see what item it is. Labelling etc... (helpful for hubby here)

5. Fold like clothing together- jeans, shorts, t-shirts

6. Fold all the same way all the time so they stack easily

7. The black tubs are also from Bunnings and create extra storage. They were only $3.98 a pop!

8. And I am sure you probably noticed... But we don't iron before we put everything in the wardrobe, we iron as we go

9. All our dressy,special occasion shoes are stored in fabric shoe bags in the tubs. Hats, scarves, gloves etc... are also stored in these tubs.

10. The wire baskets were used to pop clothing in so we can pull the basket down and get the item we need rather then everything falling down as you get that bottom jumper... (face palm)

11. Don't be scared to decorate! I added some concrete vessels, trays, artificial plants, prints and photos to finish off the look.

12. On my list to purchase are some space saver coat hangers! In black of course.  You might even find them in the Decor Me store soon.... 


Concrete Vessel and trays by Concrete Homewares  made by Concrete 2 Style available next week in the Decor Me Store.

White Vessel by Soilamore.

Prints by Yorkelee available next week in the Decor Me store

Print by Norsu Interiors

All in all, you don't need to go to the extent I did to feel good and be organised. But by putting in the hard yards now with a good declutter and some organisation it will help calm that chaos and get you back in control. Time to start looking after you!

I look forward to sharing my next project, Bedroom Bliss.

Big Love Ange x


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