WHERE I AM AT IN MY JOURNEY... Declutter, Organise, DIY, Decorate, Repeat...

Groundhog day but in a very different way...

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I am currently on a journey to simplify our home life, and my life generally- with a big house & life overhaul, transforming one room at a time, and making my life simple. Literally De-clutter, Organise, DIY, Decorate and Repeat... 

We did one huge declutter sweep of our entire home when we first started on this journey. Now we are diving deep into each room, and taking our time with the declutter process. After a huge purge, I often get into an organisation frenzy, generate further DIY ideas, and the fun parts of decorating! I must say it gets easier and mentally a much easier decision to remove any unnecessary clutter from the home- when things are simplified, trust me, the emotional connection to the accumulated clutter becomes null and void. 

I believe that many things you do in your life are learned. You need to train your mind to create good habits. Being organised requires daily upkeep and can quickly become really overwhelming. But by having less in the home, and everything in your home having a home, it helps make this process a lot less tiresome and much more manageable. And when you think long and hard about it, there is so much more to life than what you own ... 

And why am I doing this? If you have read my first ever blog post, it will explain more in detail, but I was at the stage of constant overwhelm in the home, I wanted to escape. Every day felt like ground hog day and I had a new born and three year old twins to attend to. My life screamed chaos, and even looking back at it all now, I don't know how I was even managing. I am so glad I started to make the changes I have. The good habits are rubbing off within the whole family, when life gets turned upside down from travel or illness things stay relatively stable without derailing, and it is easy enough to get back on top of things.

When I think about what I am doing and the journey I am on, I do wonder what others possibly may think of me and my home? Do they think I live in a dirty mess? Do they think I am some kind of hoarder? I am sure there are some people that do think that. But the the reality is there are lot of other busy mums out there just like me, who have young children, who have accumulated way too many things over the years and the pure exhaustion of raising young kids have thrown all usual habits pre kids out the window. So this is why I am hear to inspire you, motivate you and help make it happen for you also, so you can take some control back over your home life. To help you love every moment at home. 

For each room that I transform, I am creating a declutter checklist to assist you in attacking that room with ease and without overwhelm. Working in small manageable chunks of time even with the kids around. So if this is of interest to you, grab the bull by the horns, and become a subscriber at www.decorme.com.au- and it will land in your inbox immediately

I'm currently transforming the the Playroom, just completed Kitchen, Pantry & Dining and moving onto Study, Quiet Retreat, Laundry, Linen & Mudroom. 

So lets get to it.... DE-CLUTTER, ORGANISE, DIY, DECORATE, REPEAT transforming one room a time and helping make #mumlife all that much easier. 

Until next time 

Big Love Ange x

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