If you have ever owned a Teepee... you’ll understand my frustrations here....  If you have not owned a Teepee, these are the things to watch out for as they might just drive you crazy! 

Firstly, the last thing you want is to be continually doing is dis-assembling & re-assembling the Teepee right? In all honesty who has time for that? And the aim is for the kids to hide away and play so we can get a break, some peace and quiet, and even squeeze in a coffee perhaps? This was my biggest pain with the last Teepee we purchased, and eventually I collapsed it, and packed it away in a corner for majority of the time we had it. 

With the various Teepee's we have owned, not only have the poles fallen apart, the Teepee would rarely keep its shape and the poles would slide down and you would end up having a very dis-orientated Teepee within minutes. My guess is that that this was due to all the movement, and sliding around on the tiles whilst the kids crawled in and out. The unfortunate thing was, that the last Teepee was not cheap either!

When the opportunity came up to review this Teepee, I was intrigued, as well as hopeful that maybe, just maybe, this was the Teepee for us! 

First impressions on arrival... I was like damn this is huge, and assumed that it was going to take hours to put together... but no, it didn't at all. I opened the box and put it up straight away- as it comes pre-assembled. 1 min maybe?

Big tick, impressed! 




The Teepee is 1m x 1m, has a very cute little window the kids can peak through, a little pocket to keep their treasures, enough space for the twins as well as their little sister- but not too big it takes up the entire room. Easy tiebacks for the door, lightweight, and easy to pull up and down to relocate from room to room!



We have the Snow Dust Teepee, which is neutral in colour, a blank canvas to work with- so works well with any interior. I have styled the Teepee in various environments and colour schemes for some perfect playroom inspiration! And ultimately, with these types of big ticket items, you want the kids to grow into them rather than out of right? 




The TOP points of difference and why the Catty Wampus Teepee is our pick! 

- Non slip rubbers to stop it moving around during playtime

- The poles do not fall apart inside the fabric as they are one piece

- Comes pre-assembled and can be set up and have ready to use in 60 seconds

- Allows the kids to let their imagination run wild. My twins call it their Cubby Castle! 

- Won't be an eyesore in your playroom or lounge room- stylish & elegant

- Easy to pack up and move, plus it is lightweight

- Great range of colours

- Well made, quality product with cotton canvas

Doesn’t cost the earth, well priced & FREE shipping



Everything from the packaging, to un-boxing, to assembly has all been spot on. A big tick from us here!   I don't think we will ever need another teepee after this one!


So go let the kids play and enjoy that hot cuppa Mama!


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This is a sponsored review and the Catty Wampus Teepee was supplied specifically for review. All content and photography is my own, and my 100% honest review has been supplied on this product (to the best of my ability). We absolutely love it! 

I hope you have enjoyed this review and my latest blog post!

Until next time

Big Love Ange x

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