Mummy overwhelm led me to de-clutter

Part 1

Mummy overwhelm led me to de-clutter

Welcome to my very first Decor Me blog post! (Ever So Homely was previously Decor Me... and have just uploaded my first ever blog to my new website...)

I've recently re-started my journey with Decor Me after recently giving birth to my third child, and after feeling overwhelmed with life in general. With 3 year old twins and a newborn in my care full time, every day I went to bed feeling like I hadn't achieved anywhere near as much as I wanted (sometimes nothing at all), and felt like wanting to escape to a remote island. I had a cluttered mind, and to be honest felt like my life was in complete disarray and everything out of order.... well I did in fact have crap everywhere, for starters! I had nowhere to unwind or relax, or retreat to at the end of a busy day. In addition I longed to create a gorgeous nursery however no idea where to start. It was also the story of the old spare and unused bedroom that had turned into a dumping ground since we'd moved into our new home, and I had nowhere to put anything, let alone a cot for the new Bub. Something had to be done.... so I decided a complete overhaul of my life was needed, NOW... We had accumulated so many things since having children and it was really starting to get under my skin, and my anxiety levels were at an all time high- I needed to take back control of our home (and my life). This decision started the task of de-cluttering my life and WOW what a positive effect it has had on my mindset. I feel awesome, and back on top of things. And most of all, it was fun!

How did I begin you ask?

I literally dipped a toe in the water, quickly followed by a dive head-first into uncertainty! There was no point continuing to talk about it or procrastinate like I had for the past months... so I grabbed an over-sized garbage bag, and an empty box and walked into the nearest room to me at the time- the nursery, known as Brooklyn's room. Anything that I thought I could not find a permanent home for in the house went straight into the empty box, and the rest into the garbage bag. I also stood by the rule of only keeping things that spark joy in my life, something at the front of my mind after reading an article on decluttering by Marie Kondo "Konmarie method". You can read more on this at

I repeated the above for each and every room in our home, and at the conclusion of the exercise, the things I couldn't find a home for quickly made their way to the web and were sold on Gumtree/Facebook pages, or were donated to charity, or tossed to the curb. In most cases this gave me some extra $$$$ to contribute towards what I needed to decorate my home the way I'd always intended!

I am now at the stage that at the end of every day where if I am unable to find a home for something it now goes into a box in the garage to be moved- sold, donated, or removed by the garbage man. If you feel you're unable to commence/complete this process on your own, grab one of your besties and make a start with a bottle of wine!

I feel as though I still have a long way to go as I have only really just scraped the surface on so many areas within my life and home, however starting on this minimalist journey has helped me re-gain focus and direction, allowed me to breath, re-decorate; and ultimately gifted me with a new look outlook on life. I certainly do not have have all the decluttering answers but do hope I can inspire you to help make a start on making that room or your home a special place, a retreat, and somewhere and relax with loved ones.

I will be taking up another de-cluttering challenge soon enough so perhaps you can join me? 

Big Love Ange x



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