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I am so excited to bring you my ultimate eBook MEAL PLANNING MADE EASY! I have a love for bulk freezer cooking and I cannot wait to change your life in the kitchen, help you save money and time, show you how to re-purpose meals, as well as provide you with a complete step-by-step meal plan guide; and all of the templates you will need! To top it all off, I have also added a full month's worth of meals planned for you with a complete grocery list!

By investing the time now you are investing time in your future self. It will save your sanity during witching hour, there will be less clean up throughout the month, a reduction in impulse buying due to less grocery shops (bulk purchasing = saving even more money!), cutting down on takeout/fast food delivery; and in turn healthier eating habits for the whole family. Especially in these unprecedented and uncertain times. 

Most of your meals are cooked/prepped and frozen straight away, within the first week of the month, therefore giving you time back and making things less stressful for the rest of your month. Your bulk shop will also be planned in for the beginning of each month. Once you get the hang of it simply add the rest of your household items/top up shopping to this monthly grocery shop! Meal planning doesn't need to be difficult or complicated, nor time consuming, it just needs some incentive and motivation, and of course planning!


* How to plan a months worth of meals under an hour

* Explaining Meal Prep and Meal Planning

* How to repurpose meals

* Step by Step Guide

* All the templates you will need, including a monthly meal plan you can use over and over again

* A whole months worth of meals planned for you including recipes and grocery list

* Seasonal produce guide (for australia)

* Fridge & Freezer guidelines, Do's and Dont's for bulk freezer cooking

* Recipes include my famous Pulled Chicken, Lemon Chicken, One pot pasta, One tray baked chicken and rice, Frittata with leftover roast vegies, Creamy Chicken Risotto, Beef Heath Bowl and so much more!

* Recipes and meal ideas the whole family will eat!

40 + pages to teach you from start to end!

This is a digital download ebook and will be emailed directly to your inbox to the email supplied.