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As you know I am here to help you with all things HOME and to help you LOVE every moment at home! De-cluttering, organisation, decorating, DIY projects and anything that will make your HOME life and MUM life easier! 

This checklist has been designed to help fast track your Pantry organisation and stop overwhelm! 

Below you will find your FREE Pantry Organisation checklist. De-cluttering and organising any space can be truly overwhelming and is why I have created this checklist and will be bringing you one with each and every space I transform. This way you can attack each space with a plan, and can easily work through it baby steps at a time. 



"Before i used the Pantry Organisation Checklist and the Kitchen De-Clutter Checklist walking into my pantry I felt super un-organised and stressed. It honestly gave me anxiety.

So i decided to use both the checklists to get my pantry and kitchen in order. Having the pantry organisation checklist and kitchen declutter checklist helped give me an idea of the things i may need to have in my pantry and kitchen and most importantly the things i could get rid of and declutter.

Physically having something to check off and go through made me feel a lot more organised and definitely helped me through out the process. The checklists are super easy to use and give you great tips on starting and getting you through all those overwhelming feelings of where to begin. The checklists are super user friendly and a great way to help you throughout such an overwhelming task" Amy Merhi