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The PLAYROOM LABELS are distinctive to the Ever So Homely brand and style- for a versatile and statement playroom in mind.

We've created a cost effective and organised playroom, utilising bold labelling, and have made the most of the space on offer. We exist to motivate and inspire you to also find the benefits of living a more organised life. 

With our packs you receive 50 labels as listed below, with an extra alphabet pack to add a more personalised touch if needed. We created and used a versatile labelling system that children can recognize to help with the process of packing away there own toys. 

Our labels are 5.5cm in height and various widths and will adhere to multiple surfaces.  

Labels included are as below and cover the following categories: 

Dress up, educational, puzzles, dolls, doll house furniture, transport, duplo, lego, blocks, barbie, makeup, kitchen items, musical, characters, balls, books, craft, animals, puppets, soft toy

-Teddy x 2
-Puzzle piece x 2
-Numbers x 1
-Connector toy x 1
-Book x 2
-Duplo x 2
-Wooden Blocks x 1
-Lego x 2
-Action figurine x 1
-Little figurine/people x 1
-Doll x 1
-Doll house furniture x 1
-Dress shape x 1
-Crayon x 1
-Glue x 1
-Paint brush x 1
-Dress/Costume x 1
-Musical instrument x 1
-Car x 1
-Train x 1 
-Truck/digger x 1
-Hot wheel car x 1
-Sea animal x 1
-Jungle animal x 1
-Farm animal x 1
-Household animal x 1
-Bug x 1
-Dinosaur x 1
-Makeup x 1
-Barbie x 2
-Bead x 1
-Fruit & Veg x 1
-Ice cream x 1
-Cheese x 1
-Egg x 1
-Cutlery x 1
-Tea Set x 1
-Pot x 1
-Utensil x 1
-Tools x 1
-Ball x 1
-Bandaid x 1
-Stethoscope x 1
-Puppet x 1


Please note labels shouldn't be soaked nor and are NOT dishwasher safe, therefore jars/canisters/storage

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks prior to shipping

Custom add on is available. You can choose an extra custom 20 labels which will be an add on cost of $40. Please select this option below at checkout.  2 to 3 weeks for delivery for custom.

Designed by Ever So Homely